Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Woke Today to This!

Wish it would move out west and give the farmers some relief!

Out the front.

Where I sometimes sit and stitch!

Out the back!

About 3 weeks ago it was looking like the wet season had passed us by, but it poured last night with more expected tonight. Good weather for the ducks.

No corner was spared. At least there will be good run off into the dam now and we will be able to stay off harsh water restrictions for a while longer!


  1. Good heavens that's a lot of rain Heather,stay safe,xx

  2. Wow so much rain pity it can't be spread around. Keep dry and safe.

  3. Yes it is a shame the rain doesn't fall more evenly over our drought stricken country.

  4. Please send some of this to us...keep safe

  5. Yes totally agree with you about the rain, our drought stricken farmers would love some of this wet stuff to appear in their backyards :) Barb.

  6. Goodness...you're getting rain like we're getting snow! Stay safe and dry! xo

  7. That's a lot of water .... Hope no damage and you are safe...


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