Monday, 14 April 2014

Cyclone Ita Stitching

Saturday was wet and windy so I decided I needed to stay indoors and finish off a few projects.  Got out the Rosedaisy alphabet "B" to put it on something for DD for her birthday. This turned out to be another of those  zippered pouches.
Very easy to make and this time I made the pattern about 2 inches larger all round.

So while DD and her dad were out doing jobs I finished it off for her and because I loved it so much I just had to give it to her when she came home! LOL!

Sunday was a different story with Cyclone Ita deciding she had had enough of Port Douglas and Cairns and started to track down the coast and see what we were up to in Townsville!

Like we don't usually have enough palm fronds to pick up! I think she must have shook every last dry one down. The mulcher will be busy this weekend! Most of the damage was to bottle-brush trees that had suffered twisting injuries during Cyclone Yasi and Ita just completed the job.

But while all this was happening, and hoping the power would remain on I finished off my kitten in the garden applique. This I decided to make into a cushion.

All in all it was not a bad  weekend (for Townsville) although I will be moaning about the garden when it drys out and I have to cart branches.
Our thoughts go out to the folks up north where Ita came in with a vengeance and hope they can get their lives back together soon.

Hope you all had a safe and happy weekend.


  1. Looks like the rain gave you a good opportunity for some good stitching! Our son & his family also live in Townsville...... we lasted up there for about 9months, too much rain for so much of the year ........ and I know exactly what you are saying about the palm fronds LOL

  2. Wow I love the poch it's very pretty ,lucky DD,glad you are okay Heather and not much damage about.xx

  3. Sorry that was meant to say pouch,lol

  4. Even though your clean is a pain I am pleased you are safe and on one was hurt...
    Gorgeous pouch and the Kitty is sew cute...

  5. Glad you are ok & only have cleaning up to do. Love your projects. Hugs,xx

  6. Hello Heather,

    Love the embroidery on the pouch and Kitty is rather cute in that garden of flowers. Happy gardening!

  7. Love the pouch, is mine on the way? I need a letter M. The pillow is cute even though I don't like cats. Glad you faired well with the cyclone, at least you kept busy, I just watched tv how boring was that.

  8. So glad you are safe and sound. Those palm fronds are the pits...I know. Love how you spent your time...beautiful projects x

  9. great stitching. glad to hear you are safe

  10. Love the cushion! I have a birthday coming up.... ;-)


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