Monday, 21 April 2014

New Project.

Having just received my copy of Elefantz Magazine April/May issue I couldn't wait to do some stitching.

I loved the idea of the TWEET Cupboard and went straight to the stash looking for some suitable fabric to  make this wonderful project.

I love pdf as I can instantly download and begin preparing for stitching. I am off to Mareeba next week so wanted to get some extra stitching ready.

Spending time up at the hospital today with my sick 90 year old M-I-L  saw how easily this was completed when I grabbed it for something to pass the time. Guess I will have to do some more tracing!

If you would love to own a copy of this wonderful magazine you can get it here for the obscenely low price of $6.00!
 Go on over to Jenny's blog and check out the other fabulous projects.


  1. Wonderful work looks great !

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog for FNSI.
    I love the look of stitchery, can't find anything local so might have a look online (something more to add to the crafty repetoire LOL)

  3. Love the fabrics you've chosen! xx

  4. Wow Heather what a lovely project,you have done such lovely stitching.xx

  5. Simply lovely Heather!!
    Jenny has lovely designs, very addictive!!!!

  6. Beautiful!!! Such a sweet little birdie xx

  7. Very nice, Heather, and I love the designs Jenny has come up with!

  8. Such an adorable project...and I love the fabrics you chose too! Beautiful!!! xo


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