Thursday, 8 May 2014


The death of my mother in law recently (two weeks ago) has certainly had a profound effect on our family. 

We are all missing this person who was the last link to where we came from and who we are.

But there are beautiful memories, recipes, photos and wonderful sayings.

We always had an interesting relationship, her coming from northern Italy and my heritage coming from the deep south! Northerners don't trust southerners and visa versa! But she never included me in that......or so she always said!!! LOL! I never did master how to make her special meatballs!

And this last piccy sums it up as she dearly loved all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, even the non-meatball making daughter in law!

Ciao Benita, Rest in Peace.

On a different note another crafter has a problem with a heirloom stitchery and if anyone can offer any suggestions go here to see the post and maybe offer some words of wisdom.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Sending you an enormous hug, she looks like a kind and gentle soul. I bet her meatballs were amazing. Xx

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  2. Just remember she showed you 'how many times' to make those meatballs? You'll do her proud my friend. I know you will. xxxx

  3. The end of an era, hugs for you, I'm sure your meatballs will do her proud x

  4. Sending you hugs my friend and your special memories of her will be in your heart forever Heather,RIP

  5. Big hugs.... and I bet your meatballs are delicious!! (I can never do meatloaf quite like muminlaw) It's wonderful to have such special memories..

  6. Lots of hugs n kisses for you Heather.
    I always have to remind myself not to look too far forward or too far back because you forget to enjoy what you have now. Her memories will be a blessing :) Also thank you for the help :) xoxoxo

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your family's loss Heather. Beautiful people leaving certainly leave a large space in our lives. What a wonderful legacy of love and memories this special lady has left you. Sending you big hugs xxx

  8. sending you big hugs at this sad time. great to recall the good times too.

  9. So sorry for your loss, but I am looking forward to hearing more of your fantastic stories you share regarding your beautiful mother in law, you have a way with words that always makes me laugh to the point of bringing tears to my eyes. Your speacil memories are a joy to us all. God Bless you my friend.x


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