Sunday, 18 May 2014


I once again signed up with my blogger friends for a night of stitching.  What I didn't know was that hubby had organised a pizza night with the grand kids so although I did bring the stitching along I only did a little as there was the Leggo Movie to watch!

I did however finish off the embroidery on the pocket of my new bag. I didn't really want to make tiny hexies so did something a little different and made a large flower hexie. Now I'm all ready for bag construction.

Saturday was another day of stitching and saw DD and I working on our projects again.

I decided I liked the hexie I used on the bag pocket and while DD and I enjoyed  a few movies I got cutting and stitching.

Now to decide what to do with them or maybe I can just keep them for embellishments on other projects.  Maybe I can just keep making them like this person I found on Pinterest!!

Think I have hexie envy! LOL!

Thanks Wendy for hosting Friday night again. 
Why don't you pop on over and check out what everyone else was up to.


  1. LOve your flower hexies - Wow!! what about that collection - wonder how they will be used - maybe whoever just likes to admire them...

  2. Hi Heather these are so cute,well done.xx

  3. Hi Heather, LOVE LOVE your hexies where did you find the directions to fold them i found a bag yesterday i will send you on FB. Love what you have made. Have a great Sunday

  4. That's the beauty of women...we can do lots of things at the
    same time!!! Hope you enjoyed the night out and kids are always
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Lovely stitching and very cute hexies !

  6. Your flower hexies are beautiful. I haven't seen ones like that before. Love your stitchery too xx

  7. haha... love the stitchery pocket .... and lovely flower hexies... mine are never quite so neat

  8. I love your stitchery pocket Heather, gorgeous, and amazing hexies too. All really lovely. Wouldn't it be fun to have a box of hexies like that, all made up and ready to go...

  9. Your stitchery is beautiful!! And the hexies are amazing - have not seen them done like that before.I have a little box of hexies but nothing like that picture! Amazing!

  10. Such sweet hexies...sounds like everyone had a lovely weekend!

  11. sounds like a fabulous FNSI. some sewing ,good food and family fun.
    I do like that Hexie? how do you make it?

  12. Wow your hexy's are just gorgeous Heather, well done... and the stitchery is gorgeous too!

  13. Those hexie flowers are lovely!!!!
    Might have to make a few myself!!!!!
    OMG!!!! I think that person might be preparing for a quilt??
    Either that or they are hexie obsessed!!!!!


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