Monday, 26 May 2014

Not so depressing!

While DD and I had a dig around in some old stuff this weekend we came across some real treasures amongst the trash. A great find was some beautiful depression glass items.

The rose pattern on this medium bowl is beautiful and it was a bargain from Life Line at $5.

This one, while not as cheap, was much bigger!

I have been chasing some green pieces for a while now and came upon these beauties.

It is still possible to find these beautiful pieces around the place really cheap, but not often now. I don't mind paying a fair price though and love using them when friends drop round for tea!

It wasn't all trash and treasure hunting, I did do a little stitching on the weekend as well and finished off my "Preston Bag" by Dawn Hay. Of course while we were out and about we did happen across a craft shop and I finally found a piece of green fabric I liked enough to make up the bag. If you like the bag you can get the pattern here!




I still have a couple of little buttons to stitch on to the pockets, and when I stop being lazy I will get the jar down and dig out a couple.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  1. yummo love depression glass....and your bag is awesome....

  2. hi heather some awesome pieces there and love your bag.xx

  3. Nice treasures...
    Love your Preston Bag....

  4. Lucky duck! I love depression glass and have a couple of green pieces. Great treasures! Love your sweet bag as well x

  5. Your bag looks gorgeous. Love the green tones along with the house fabric. hugs....

  6. Love your depression glass. I have a few pieces my Mum passed onto me but i'm always checking shops for more. :) Love your bag. Hugs,xx

  7. Beautiful finds and a great bag too.

  8. Oh the bag is just beautiful Heather, well done! Lovely fabrics used...
    The glass pieces are so pretty - good find! - yes i think that it's hard to find those pieces as readily these days - lots of people make it their job to find them, then on-sell them for a very high price, trying to capitalise on the popularity & interest of it

  9. Beautiful glass ware. I love the bag. TFS!

  10. Lovely bag Heather!!! Great find on the glass ware too :)


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