Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Job

Taking the plunge and moving to a new job in August has certainly put the brakes on my stitching, blogging and face-booking!
But I have gradually found my time management skills and stitching is on the burner again.

I have been keeping up with Jenny and her Friday stitch-a-long and have decided to make the blocks into a table runner.

I have lots of blocks completed and with only a few more to do I can begin to put it all together.
They are so quick to stitch and make up it has been very satisfying when time and tiredness have almost stopped me altogether!

With these nearly finished I have traced out another set to commence and this time it is a Leanne Beasley block from Country Threads Vol 5 Number 6. Being away for work for the rest of the week this stitchery will give me something to do at night. I don't mind needle and thread for company when I'm away from home.

By the way if you are looking for some wonderful Christmas stitching and quilting go over here to Jenny and Wendy. What lovely talented friends to have! Check out the give-away on Jenny's pages as well!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.