Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Change of Pace

At a time when there are a lot of people out of work it almost seems like something crazy to do, but do it I have!

What is it you ask!

That's right! Taking off the high heels and giving up the work travel, putting away the laptop and the fancy bags....oh!... I might keep the bags! I do love a stylish bag.....but after 23 years in Health Management I have decided to give it all away and not work in management any more but to go back to my love of being a nurse and work very part-time.
No more worrying about staffing, no more on call, no more budgets and no more full-time work, no more policies, no more reports to the health minister!
My last day will be this Friday and I start on a new chapter of my life.

I want to be able to do more stitching and sewing, cooking and spending time with the grandchildren.
Makes it sound like it's me, me, me, me! I guess it is but it took lots of thinking and reflection on what I have achieved over the last twenty odd years and my contribution to health and aged care in particular and to be able to let it go and do something for me and my family.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good on you Heather. Not any easy decision to make I am sure. I wish you all good things for the next chapter...hugs xx

  2. Good Luck and Iam sure you will be happy with your decision
    Nice legs Are they yours?

  3. Good on you Heather, not an easy choice to make but for you the right choice good luck with the move to part time work :) Barb

  4. All the best Heather as you make changes to your working life. Sounds like you are making some good choices, time with grandchildren is always time well spent. hugs....

  5. Good luck Heather,it will feel strange at first and then you will enjoy your time so much,sending hugs my friend.xx

  6. I did the same thing a few years ago. I left an admin position and returned to clinical work at the bedside. I loved it. I stayed full-time for three years more and it rather took a toll on my arthritic body so I cashed in my chips after 44 years and retired. NEVER looked back. Very best wishes to you!

  7. Excellent enjoy your new path and Enjoy the timing sounds perfect for you !

  8. My dear, dear friend...hold that dream. You've been brave and wise and made the best decision. Now breathe a while, a good while, let the dust of busyness settle and look once again at your precious life with the expectant eyes of a child...we don't do that enough do we? Throw the key to the cage away, and spread your glorious wings ready for the freedom of the skies. xxxxx

  9. Fantastic news glad to hear it.....your last change was supposed to make life easier?????? LOL We will definitely have more time for stitching then? Love ya! xoxoxoxoxoxox


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