Saturday, 13 December 2014

Catching Up on Things

I have been waiting patiently for my new Tilda book to arrive and what do you know it came yesterday! Although I was wanting to make the My Town Placemat, I just couldn't resist making a few of the plump, very short legged reindeer!

He is such a cute little fellow that I have another 3 on the bench ready to stuff! I can see a whole herd coming to stay at my place!

Last weekend DD and I caught up on some secret stitching while we enjoyed a cuppa and some chocolate brownies. Can only give sneak peaks!

Can't wait for the big reveal! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you are looking for something beautiful to stitch over the holidays why not head over to Jenny's of Elefantz and check out the next Stitchery Club on offer - Stitchy Things.


  1. Very cute Reindeers!!!! Lovely to spend Mother/ Daughter time together x

  2. I love the Tilda books...adorable reindeer.

  3. very cute reindeer Heather!
    Well done on choosing a change of pace for your life... very wise I think... no point burning yourself out & then not enjoying other aspects of it, or having time for it... Keep those fancy bags handy!!

  4. Beautiful reindeer! (And so excited to see not a Santa or snowman in sight ;-) LOL!

  5. ...What an adorable herd of reindeer that will be!!! He's sooo darn cute!
    Your brownies look yummy...wish I could reach in and grab one! Hope you had a very merry Christmas! xoxo


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