Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stitch a Booby Bird.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in Australia, and Jenny of Elefantz has designed a wonderful stitchery for one of the sewing groups in Townsville and anyone else who would love to stitch this gorgeous design.

Lucky for me I popped around to her place the other day for a catch up and coffee and when I  saw what Jenny was stitching I just couldn't resist sewing up this cute little booby birdie in her smart bra also !

I chose to make mine into a cushion, choosing fabrics (very special) that were a gift to me from my DD. I couldn't have picked a better colour thread as it matched the fabric perfectly.

Not to be a nag but I have included a couple of links for information for Breast Cancer Awareness - Queensland Government, and National Breast Cancer Foundation and also the McGrath Foundation that funds Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia.

Why not pop on over to any of these sites and find out how we can help ourselves or help others.

Jane McGrath, co-founder of the McGrath Foundation once said, 

" Breast cancer doesn't care how old you are, where you live, whether you're a career woman or a mother. Breast cancer is a disease that currently affects one in eight Australian women of all ages and backgrounds.
Together, we can make a difference."

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Another Re-purposed Job Completed.

This time it was the small square frame's turn for a makeover.

Getting prepped and painted.

Chalkboard painted and ready for seasoning. Not the chicken or chops type of seasoning but with chalk.

Ready to go with a message or two. Memo to self - must buy some chalk as Taylor's chalk just does not cut it!

The frame is so cute.

I have had the most wonderful time making these old vintage frames into something quite useful. Don't think for a minute I'll be putting the power tools back in the shed. Got a few more ideas in my head, although I'm still a bit nervous about cutting off my fingers when it comes to the power saw.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Back On The Tools.

Yep! that's right! Can't seem to leave the power tools alone now. 
I have been wanting to make a small ironing board/mat for the craft room for some time now and Saturday night was the time to do it!
Not much cutting or measuring and after the board is cut you only need the staple-gun.
I now have a nice fresh portable ironing mat. Love it!
What did you get up to on the weekend?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Trying Something New.

Remember a couple of weeks ago I got these? I put down the sewing needles and picked up a power saw and a few other tools instead!

.....with a bit of work I have turned one of the frames into a lovely tray to display items on my coffee table.

I even had a lesson or two with power tools........lucky for me hubby has a very well stocked shed.

Cutting the boards for the base.

Unfortunately it seems I deleted the photos of painting the frame and boards from my camera accidentally but  you can see how I finished it anyway.

I painted it with my home made chalk paint, and used a little blue paint to add just a hint of colour, followed by some soft furniture wax. I still need to get a couple of handles for the ends and I will be able to call it finished.

I have different plans for the other frame and can't wait to start on it. Had a marvellous time doing this one and gained a few new skills.......if you could call it that as I did have hubby on hand if I needed him.

Happy crafting .........

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New Design

I am currently stitching up my new design and with Christmas just around the corner it's a good time to make something new to add to my stash and hopefully yours.

I am using traditional colours for this project.

Only a sneak peek until I get a little more done.

I have also been stitching Jenny's new design  into a table runner. Jenny is doing a free stitch-a-long using the beautiful words below. She has made a lovely Christmas Wreath. Go over to her blog Elefantz and stitch along. I might also make the wreath too!

Happy stitching!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Spring Time in the Garden.

Although it has been very dry here and we are now on even tougher water restrictions  I have a few pots of flowers and they certainly brighten up my day. I would really love a lush green garden and expanses of lawn with gardens of beautiful flowers.....but alas it can't be and I have to be content with a few pots.

The  pansy's put on a great show with their colorful display. 

A heavenly scent drifts up from the large petunias in the morning and calls to the bees.

A smaller variety of petunias in the hanging pots are looking thick and lush.

There are many good ideas on the web for water conservation  around the home and I put these into practice whether there are restrictions in place or not. What kind of garden do you like?

Happy gardening everyone!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Apples & Pears.

With some spare time on my hands yesterday I decided to get in and finish the rest of the pear and apple mug rugs I did last week. I only needed to put on the binding and do the stems and leaves, so with some catch up TV playing I got in and finished 3 of each.

Of course what  better way to use up left over scraps as a food mat for the cats. It's been on the to do list for a while now. They now have their own Tilda mat to match ours!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Pear.

I just couldn't wait for the new Tilda range to be released and I must admit it was only home a couple of days when the scissors came out. 

The first thing I made was a little fabric box for the craft room.

Followed by this cute mug rug that used up some of the scraps from making the box above.

I think I'll be making a couple more of these and even an apple or two to compliment the pears.

What are you planning to do with your new Tilda fabric?