Monday, 2 March 2015

Minor Spill!

What happens when you spill your drink? 

Of course you make a new table mat! I only had one mat for my side table and when I spilt my drink on it I thought another would be a good idea.

I used quick and easy quilt as you go technique and it didn't take too long before it was finished and taking up residence on the side table.

I used a pack of fabrics I had purchased from a craft show a few years ago in Sydney. Of course there were enough left-overs so  I just had to make a matching table centre!

You can find this pattern here and it's called Winter Seeds Table Topper. It's from the Crafty Quilter and she has an easy to follow tutorial as well.


  1. Absolutely true!!! Always need spares
    in case you spill your drinks. lol Lovely
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Hi Heather great idea and wow love them both ,you sure have been busy xx

  3. Lovin that runner and the mat is lovely too Great colour choices

  4. Love them both. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  5. that's a lovely set.... such pretty blues...

  6. If only I could have fit it in my bag.... ;-)

  7. Los dos se ven muy bonitos, me encantan!!!

  8. I've just discovered that sad lack of a spare with a coaster! Haven't fixed the problem yet though, lol. Lovely sparey- and gorgeous centre :)


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