Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Monday Finish for Friday Start!

I did stitch with everyone on Friday night just it took me until Monday to finish. A few distractions over the weekend made me a bit late with this post.

I had lots of company while I stitched and watched Better Homes and Gardens! They took turns sitting beside me.

It surely was a mother of a thing to put together without a pattern as I found this idea on Pinterest and really like it so nothing could persuade me from making it up in this design. I found the pattern at one craft shop in the USA only and with no instant download (how spoilt we have become) I didn't want to wait for 3 weeks before making it up!

Thanks Wendy for hosting.


  1. Oh it is so pretty.....hats off to you for doing it without a pattern!

  2. Lovely embroidery work on this fabulous fabric runner. June JOY...

  3. What pretty embroidery, I shall be looking out for the finished pics :-)

  4. What lovely company you had... The finished project looks great - well done on managing that.

  5. Your stitcheries are lovely as are the fabrics you chose to frame them with when making the table runner. It's beautiful!

    I've been enjoying having a browse through your blog and you have shared so many pretty stitcheries projects that I thought I'd mention that I host a weekly Stitchery Link Party for all things hand embroidered and I would love to have you come link up this post (or one of your other ones, if you prefer.) http://www.supermomnocape.com/2015/06/22/vintage-embroidery-monday-stitchery-link-party-11/

    I do hope you'll come join the fun!

  6. Beautiful stitching Heather, and great company!

  7. Hello Heather... I am visiting from the Super Mom- No Cape link up.... I love your table runner the stitching is beautiful and the fabrics too! :) x

  8. beautiful stitchery & just adore the company!
    well done!
    thanx for sharing

  9. I'm just popping back to thank you for linking up to last Monday's Stitchery Link Party. I do hope you'll join in again soon!


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