Tuesday, 7 July 2015

At the Beach.

After working in the garden for almost 5 hours yesterday we decided to reward ourselves and head up to Balgal beach for a lunch of Fish and Chips.

Beautiful day and beautiful location what more could you ask for!

Although there were lots of people about (because of the 3 day weekend)  you would never had known as it looks quite deserted

And I can spend hours poking about in the sea shells at the edge of the tide mark...... very relaxing after some hard work.

Back in the craft room today working out a new table runner to use up some of my orphan stitchery's and some beautiful Tilda fabric.


  1. Fish and chips at the beach, my idea of heaven

  2. Definitely my kind of day Heather! Those fish and chips look delicious x

  3. Hi Heather what a beautiful spot and what a yummy reward ,love fish and chips ,hope you have a lovely day xx

  4. Fish and chips at the beach, heaven. Great pics

  5. Fish and chips at the beach, heaven. Great pics

  6. Fish & chips at the beach... Heaven!!

  7. Bangal Beach really does have delicious fish n chips! We went down along Crystal Creek following on to the ocean. But no fish n chips. :-(


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