Friday, 4 September 2015

Spring Time in the Garden.

Although it has been very dry here and we are now on even tougher water restrictions  I have a few pots of flowers and they certainly brighten up my day. I would really love a lush green garden and expanses of lawn with gardens of beautiful flowers.....but alas it can't be and I have to be content with a few pots.

The  pansy's put on a great show with their colorful display. 

A heavenly scent drifts up from the large petunias in the morning and calls to the bees.

A smaller variety of petunias in the hanging pots are looking thick and lush.

There are many good ideas on the web for water conservation  around the home and I put these into practice whether there are restrictions in place or not. What kind of garden do you like?

Happy gardening everyone!


  1. We too are on drought duty with little to no water to spare. Our lawn is brown, or as California tries to spin it..."California Gold" is our lawn. Most of our beautiful landscape has gone without water so it is looking rather ratty and sad. I do love flowers so just a few pots would make me very happy. Maybe next year will be good for gardens.

  2. i love a busy garden, with lots of flowers & edibles, sadly mine doesn't have this going yet but working on it, we always have water restrictions here, need it all for the bushfires!
    those are very pretty potted colour you have
    thanx for sharing

  3. Here in Arizona, USA, we are a desert state and always in a drought. We have a small pond and when Dennis cleans the pond, he uses the water to water the plants then tops off the pond...a circle of water use. I like a mixture....pots, cacti and annuals. I do nothing for the garden; it is Dennis' hobby and my enjoyment!

  4. Gracias a Dios, ya llevamos dos o tres años sin restricciones duras . Pero yo no tengo jardín, ni patio. Me gustan mucho los cactus, pero no tengo ese don que llaman "el pulgar verde". Tus plantas están preciosas. Besitos.

  5. I live in an apartment so I do a geranium garden on my deck. It is the one flower that does well for me each year.and is a hardy plant so doesn't need a lot of watering. I love in North Dakota and they usually do well up until November. Enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Hi Heather - your pots are so pretty, yes it's tough in water restrictions, but it looks like you've got at least a little colour to feed your soul!
    To answer your question about what garden I like, well being that I'm more a BlackThumb than a GreenThumb, I like low water plants like Aussie natives, & also Frangipani, and of course a pretty frilly hibiscus!

  7. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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