Monday, 18 April 2016

One Day.....

A while ago as I sat at my computer madly saving pins from Pinterest onto my boards,  I stopped and thought about all the great recipes, 



 and re-purposing projects......

........that I had saved for "One Day" and I wondered just WHEN  one day would arrive!  After all with me it's about saving these ideas because I want to try my hand at it also......not just having a great collection of what other's can do!

Well I have decided that One Day has arrived and I am going to start creating, changing and planting some of these ideas for myself and I started this week with a new recipe.

Zucchini Bread
I have never made bread/loaf using Zucchini's before and couldn't wait to try this out. 
The recipe made two lovely moist nutty flavored loaves. I love the way the zucchini gives a speckle of green though-out the loaf.
It's even good for freezing and I have one in the freezer for when friends come round.

You can find the recipe here.

I feel less frustrated now when looking at Pinterest and excited about what I'll be doing next.....maybe something with a chair or a bird feeder! 

Do you have a "One Day" ideas book or board?


  1. Good on you Heather. I've been wondering myself why I've saved all those pins & done nothing with them. Hugs, xx

  2. You read my mind, I have all these patterns saved up and doing nothing with them, so I intend to make a start, thanks for the heads up. Guida

  3. Sounds like a plan - I think we all have "those collections"

  4. Good for you! Your loaf looks delish! I don't save anything for one day or good now.I use everything! Because we and our loved ones are so worth it.

  5. That's the spirit! Thanks for a prod in the right direction. :-)
    That loaf looks seriously delicious

  6. I am a saver as well .... Great idea .... Those loaves look so good 💖💕

  7. Hi Heather
    So wise you are... collecting recipes, patterns & project ideas is not half as fun as actually doing them!

  8. Yes lots of one days also, occasionally one day does happen but sadly not often enough :(

  9. Thanks for the recipe - looks yummy! I am going to try it tomorrow - how long do you think it would keep in the freezer?

  10. I have the usual saved for "some day" drawer, file, box and place. My most treasured is Momma's "saved for some day" recipe box. An old tin box with half of its yellow paint wore off.

  11. I don't, really. I follow a couple of boards for inspiration on stitching for crazy quilting, but I don't have my own board. It's too easy to spend way too much time doing that. LOL I love zucchini bread and will check out this recipe. It's something that's saved me from an over-abundance of zucchini from many a garden! Cookies, too.=) I'm always up for a new recipe.

  12. I think I'll try to follow in your footsteps and
    complete some of my 'one day' projects too


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