Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Old Post Office.

On a quick family visit yesterday to my childhood home I passed this little gem.

Of course I just had to stop and take a few photos. I used to pass this on the way to school every day and I think it looked the same way back then! I think the hand rails are newish as I don't believe it had any back in my day.

Trebonne is located 10 km north west of Ingham on the road to Wallaman Falls.
The building is a very historic Post Office, operating for almost 100 years. It is a quaint building that appears to be held together by two rusty nails. It is still functioning as a private post box collection point today.

I never went into this place when it was still functioning as a Post Office! But oh how I wished now that I had done so when I had the chance!

Wouldn't it be great to collect your letters and parcels here!

Once we got back to the main town area this tower caught my eye. Forever on the landscape it was erected in 1953 to supply the town with water. It reaches just over 35 metres high and holds over 45,000 litres. Really only a big tank on stilts.......LOL!

With the sun shining off the tank in the late afternoon the top almost appears out of a brochure for the middle east.
It's so funny how much you take for granted when you are a child and now these small things make the place you used to call home a special place.


  1. So true Heather, great photos !!!

  2. What lovely pics of the Post Office. I know you said you wished you had gone inside when you had the chance, but if you look on the bright side.....the building itself is still there. That in itself is awesome. I had the same experience with a house that was over the road from me when I was growing up. It always brought warm feelings to me but someone has pulled it down now. I am so sad it is gone and even went to the lengths of tracking down the owners of that house when they had it. Unfortunately there were no photo's so all the memories are stored in my mind. It is such a lovely feeling when a place reminds you of your childhood. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

  3. yes so true Heather,such a pretty rustic building,if only the walls could talk,lol xx

  4. yes so true Heather,such a pretty rustic building,if only the walls could talk,lol xx

  5. What a quaint building. So nice to wander down memory lane.

  6. I think as you get older, you take less and less for granted and you tend to appreciate things more, especially the little things. Thanks for sharing, lovely photos. Guida

  7. We have so many beautiful old places up here don't we? I'd love to live in an old post office or church...they have a character that can't be built new, stories to tell. Beautiful pics and love the new blog layout! X

  8. Beautiful places ! You have nice memories :)

  9. Charming photos, thank you for sharing


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