Wednesday, 22 June 2016

One Sided Laundry Makeover.

Do you ever wonder why you are able to live with untidy little corners that never seem to look or stay neat and clean. Well I have this area in the laundry that has hats, bags and a couple of boxes of STUFF from my last job!

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest ( I'm turning those "one day projects"  into reality )  I went from this.........

To this!

I found a suitable cupboard with open shelves with the right dimensions on a local buy, sell and swap site for not a lot of money and proceeded to re-purpose  it to suit my needs. I still need a couple of knobs for the two bottom draws, so it'll be off for a look around the shops for something suitable.

Before.................... Plain Jane and dark.

After........light and bright and with the addition of a few $10 baskets.

Now both sides of the laundry look neat and tidy! Don't know why it never bothered me before!!

Do you have a corner in need of a makeover?


  1. Wow heather what a transformation ,perfect solution,well done ....

  2. I always considered your laundry pristine, but wow this is gorgeous! So I better get over there and check it out, right?!

  3. Oh Wow, this looks wonderful! What a beautiful transformation to that little sad corner! Just love it!

  4. What a brilliant transformation Heather - well done. xx

  5. Wow! Looking fabulous! Wonderful up cycling with the unit too!


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