Monday, 18 July 2016

Getting Another UFO Finished.

Lately I have made an effort to finish a few projects and this is the latest. A quilt top I completed who knows when as it's been in my " to finish " box for..... forever.

I will be using this on the table when friends come over for coffee and cake.

Of course the dog, being a Maremma has to inspect everything and this was no exception. 

As I needed something for the backing I went to Spotlight for a pale check gingham or something similar but fell in love with this and used it for the binding as well.

With the weather being so nice here (for hot tropical North Queensland) the flowers are loving the mild weather and frequent showers.

Not to be outdone the orchids are blooming away with wonderful large sprays.

Of course with the damp comes the fungus, but aren't they gorgeous?