Friday, 24 February 2017

Around the Garden in February.

Up in the dry tropics of North Queensland we have had some welcome rain, and although it has not been enough to fill our main dam, which currently sits at 18% and means we will remain on Level 3 water restrictions unless there is more forthcoming, we are relishing every drop.

The garden is now green and lush and plants that had been on the edge of dying are now flourishing and some like these little zinnias are just popping up from seed.

Of course the chickens and ducks are loving all this green and spending lots of time out in the yard foraging for interesting bits and pieces. The native bees are buzzing in and out of the hive as every bloom must be visited.

 Of course overseeing this activity are our wonderful Maremma dogs. Ghost seems to be the day shift guy because Rocky is usually asleep at this time of the morning. Don't worry he will come out if there is a disturbance.

Adding to the display around the yard are the array of Cacti and Succulent plants with their pretty flowers. Some in bloom and some waiting to have their turn to put on a delightful show. Now I know why I put up with their prickles! LOL!

Even the plant I received at work for my Secret Santa has started to move, with lots of new shoots beginning to grow. Wonder what the flowers on these will look like?

While I have been sick lately and not done a lot in the craft room it gladdens my heart and makes me feel so much better to wander around the garden and admire nature getting on with things.

I have been making small projects while I watch movies and recover and these I will show on the next post.

Be Happy.


  1. Your garden does indeed look beautiful and lush. Ghost is so beautiful! I do hope you are on the mend now xx

  2. The garden is blooming beautifully, and of course you're getting way more rain than me being 30 minutes north... ;-)
    Praying you keep on that road to recovery. (((hugs)))
    See you soon. xxx

  3. I loved the little wander through your garden. Each season has its beauty. Your yard looks lovely and it is nice to know Ghost and Rocky are on watch duty :)!!

  4. hi Rosie your garden looks fantastic,my DD1 has a dog the same as yours,he is a beautiful placid dog who is part of the family.

  5. Your garden looks lovely, hope you get better soon. Guida

  6. Lovely little pouches and great gift idea too! So pleased to see from your previous post that you got some rain! 18% is not much! Hopefully you get some more rain without any cyclones over the next month or two.


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