Monday, 6 February 2017

Something Lost.

Do you ever have those times where you are searching for something and come up with a project started a couple of years ago and somehow forgotten?

Well that's exactly what occurred at my place the other day. I needed a small scrap of fabric and while looking for that came up with a few blocks of the Happiness Quilt! Don't know why I didn't finish it but I'm about to now!

I did have concerns regarding finding all of the remaining fabric, the patterns in Homespun magazine but sometimes it's lucky when you're a bit of a hoarder! All bits and pieces were present and accounted for.

So to add to the already completed blocks I now have finished block 6 and 7 is currently under the needle of the sewing machine.

This is a quilt as you go project so I am so happy to get on with this one and finish it so I can move on to my newest BOM for 2017.

Blazing Star by Nancy McNally is beautiful and should keep me out of mischief for the duration and it can be found on Craftsy. Still waiting for my fabric to arrive so other small projects can get done while waiting.


  1. you must be thrilled to have found this UFO what a stunning quilt you will have when completed

  2. Really looking forward to seeing this one finished. It's such a happy quilt, and perfectly named.

  3. Hi Rosie... oh what a pretty discovery... I love that Happiness Quilt, have fun working on it.
    (I confess I bought it as a kit at the Craft Fair a few years ago, & it's still as it was when I bought it)

  4. Love your Happiness quilt. Really brought a smile to my face. So glad you found all the pieces for it.

  5. I loved that quilt too - though didn't start it...may need to add it to my list....

  6. Beautiful find. Its a lovely quilt.

  7. wow Rosie such beautiful work,well done my friend.

  8. Beautiful stitching and your Christmas table looks wonderful. Happy New Year to you too. Guida


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