Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Open Shelves in the Kitchen.

I love checking out Pinterest or Instagram for decorating ideas and trends and I have noticed a lot of open shelves in kitchens, and other places as well. I live in a dusty area and would have to clean and dust quite often to keep everything looking sparkling and clean!

I love the idea of books and utensils within easy reach and the everyday staples like flour and grains sitting there not only looking pretty but ready for use. It would be very easy to check requirements prior to shopping as it's all there to see.

Or someplace for a little farm house decorating.

Again it looks delightful  to see vintage alongside modern and know that you can have what you need within easy reach.........or is it just for decorating and not for use?

This has to be my favorite as it has the blue elements and everyone knows how much I love blue and white.
What do others think of this type of decorating. I am in love with the idea, but it's just not practical where I live in the dry dusty tropics and I'm just a bit lazy with the house work these days.

Note: I found all these wonderful photos on Pinterest.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Some Bunnies were......Killed and Maimed!

Do you ever see something on Pinterest or Instagram and think......I want one? Well I do (all the time) and sometimes there are numerous things preventing you from finding it, and buying it!

I saw this lovely post in Instagram and immediately fell in love with this bunny!

Now I know that I could look around and find something similar but I WANT this one! So I decided the best thing was to make it myself.
Lucky hubby has every conceivable power tool in the shed and I borrowed his jig-saw and sander and some spare timber.

I have to tell the truth.....bunnies were killed and maimed during this process! One lost his head and one lost his back legs, and one had a bite out of his back.......poor bunnies, sad bunnies!

Dead bunny bin! Will have a proper service later.

Anyway these couple survived the jig-saw massacre with some minor non life-threatening injuries. This one has a bite out of his but!

And this one lost his head, but thanks to a tube of liquid nails.....Ta Da! All better.

Hubby just shook his head when I showed him my latest handiwork! Seems I should have used ply and not pine. Apparently that's why some of the bits broke off! Oh well! Live and learn I guess.

Now to decide whether to hang this fine rabbit or to let him run free!

I love my bunnies!

Keep Creating.

Friday, 17 March 2017

My little Sampler

I always love to have a stitching project (actually it's more like 3 or 4)  on the go to pick up or put down as I feel.
Currently in my basket there are a couple of Elefantz projects. A small book marker is slowly evolving into a finished project.

Another project, My Little Sampler is nearly there with the stitching but I am waiting on a delivery of some Tilda fabric from NSW to arrive to finish off completely. 
Australia Post is definitely SLOW as it was sent  9 days ago and still not here!

With the weekend almost here I'm looking forward to a little more time in the craft room to get a few  more projects completed.

What's on your list for this weekend?

Keep stitching.

Monday, 13 March 2017


Now....I have never been a collector of unnecessary kitchen aids but the title above made me take a second look in my kitchen utensil draw! You can read what Mat has to say here.

Of course this isn't my draw as I forgot to take a photo, but I assure you that mine did look like this!

What are the 6 things you ask?

Wooden Spoons
Prawn Deveiner
Zucchini Corer
Egg Topper
Turkey Baster
Something with a plug on it!

Of all 6 items above only wooden spoons (among a jumble of other bits and pieces) live in this draw and I really couldn't see why these would have to go and I'm not keen to part with them anyway.

So with a few of these baskets below and a good rearrange I did the best without throwing out my good old wooden spoons.

Thanks for the tip Mat Preston but I'm not yet ready to part with my wooden spoons and any of the other items in the kitchen draw. Guess I'm a bit of a hoarder in this department!

What are your thoughts on Wooden Spoons?

Keep Creating.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Delightful Combination.

I recently saw a lovely bag on Instagram and decided to make another zipper pouch combining the stitchery and patchwork of the bag into the pouch.

I love the idea of having little projects that I can pick up and take with me, so decided to trace out a couple of book marks from Jenny. You can find the pattern in the February Stitchery Club.

Just love the idea of having a few little finished projects to pop into the gift box for that something sweet for that someone special.

No lace on this one. Just using up my bits and pieces of Flower Sugar fabric.

Today I'm starting my BOM  Blazing Star by Nancy McNally through Craftsy.  I am loving the combination of vibrant colors and the bold design of the quilt. I do think this one will be a keeper!

Keep Creating.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pouches, Pouches and a Couple of Pin Cushions!

While not a lot of sewing has been going on here recently there have been a few projects completed and have been made just because........

Fell in love with these pouches from the Fat Quarter Shop and they have an easy to follow tutorial which you can find here on their YouTube channel.

I have only made the bigger ones but I'm sure a few of the smaller ones will turn up on the craft room table in the near future.The first one I made for myself using the one and half inch squares, but I have cheated a little on the others.

One you start you just can't stop at one!

Love these little pincushions from my new book Sew Illustrated by Minki Kim.

Have a new idea for making a zippered pouch by combining a bag design with this pattern, a bit of patchwork and some stitching.....can't wait to show you next time!