Monday, 13 March 2017


Now....I have never been a collector of unnecessary kitchen aids but the title above made me take a second look in my kitchen utensil draw! You can read what Mat has to say here.

Of course this isn't my draw as I forgot to take a photo, but I assure you that mine did look like this!

What are the 6 things you ask?

Wooden Spoons
Prawn Deveiner
Zucchini Corer
Egg Topper
Turkey Baster
Something with a plug on it!

Of all 6 items above only wooden spoons (among a jumble of other bits and pieces) live in this draw and I really couldn't see why these would have to go and I'm not keen to part with them anyway.

So with a few of these baskets below and a good rearrange I did the best without throwing out my good old wooden spoons.

Thanks for the tip Mat Preston but I'm not yet ready to part with my wooden spoons and any of the other items in the kitchen draw. Guess I'm a bit of a hoarder in this department!

What are your thoughts on Wooden Spoons?

Keep Creating.


  1. I couldn't cook without the wooden spoons, they are so easy to clean and never scratch my pots and pans, cant imagine why someone thinks you can cook without them. Plus they last for years, I'm with you no kitchen should be without them. Love your storage idea, may have to copy. Take care, Guida.

  2. I love my wooden spoons - wouldn't swap them for anything! And, unlike Mr Preston, I do keep my sweet and savoury spoons separate. Happy days Rosie. xx

  3. Never without wooden spoons! I use them once in that is good enough for me to keep them.

  4. Wooden spoons are definitely staying in my drawer too :)! How many yeast recipes call for glass bowls and wooden spoons - no metal or plastic! Hmmmmm, maybe Mat doesn't bake??? :) Also though we hardly use our egg toppers now - I remember when we used them for our soft cooked eggs a lot. Love your cleaned and organized drawers!! I use this method too!

  5. Oh no, I reach for a wooden spoon more than anything else! I'm sure I could pick out some totally useless items from my drawer, but not my wooden spoons! Your storage looks great.

  6. Essentials! Can't dream of cooking without one...Mat, I'm shocked.

  7. Hi Rosie♥
    I've been married since end of 1993 & still have the same wooden spoon, it's not going anywhere! Mind you, I only ever use it when making Spaghetti Bolognese.
    I've never even heard of any of the other items... I bet your drawers are super-organised now, by the look of those baskets xx

  8. My drawer does look a lot like that one...I am inclined to agree with Mat - I own wooden spoons - but rarely use them...for the same reasons as Mat quotes.
    Don't own any of the other things (a zucchini corer??) except of course some with plugs - a food dehydrator..used constantly for 6 months (20 years ago) and used a couple of times since...
    Hope your drawer stays tidy now.

  9. Ha...ha... I love your bunnies too, and the poor dead ones that need a proper burial!!!


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