Friday, 17 March 2017

My little Sampler

I always love to have a stitching project (actually it's more like 3 or 4)  on the go to pick up or put down as I feel.
Currently in my basket there are a couple of Elefantz projects. A small book marker is slowly evolving into a finished project.

Another project, My Little Sampler is nearly there with the stitching but I am waiting on a delivery of some Tilda fabric from NSW to arrive to finish off completely. 
Australia Post is definitely SLOW as it was sent  9 days ago and still not here!

With the weekend almost here I'm looking forward to a little more time in the craft room to get a few  more projects completed.

What's on your list for this weekend?

Keep stitching.


  1. you'll have to forgive the Aussie post as there are floods down in NSW. i'm waiting on wool too which sent a week ago; so used to getting things within a few days.
    you projects are lovely! love Jennys' work too :))
    thanx for sharing

  2. Your stitching projects are so pretty and your work is just lovely x

  3. such a pretty project. I sent a card to Australia air mail and it took over 3 weeks to get there from the UK

  4. Your embroidery is lovely, enjoy your weekend. Guida

  5. Such beautiful work! Love your Little Sampler with all the cute designs. I'm hoping to get some more quilting done this weekend - my quilt tops have gotten ahead of me :)!

  6. Lovely stitcheries, I've been meaning to trace some for the past month, and haven't quite got there! I found your blog via Jenny's, by the way. Lovely to meet you :) xx


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