Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Open Shelves in the Kitchen.

I love checking out Pinterest or Instagram for decorating ideas and trends and I have noticed a lot of open shelves in kitchens, and other places as well. I live in a dusty area and would have to clean and dust quite often to keep everything looking sparkling and clean!

I love the idea of books and utensils within easy reach and the everyday staples like flour and grains sitting there not only looking pretty but ready for use. It would be very easy to check requirements prior to shopping as it's all there to see.

Or someplace for a little farm house decorating.

Again it looks delightful  to see vintage alongside modern and know that you can have what you need within easy reach.........or is it just for decorating and not for use?

This has to be my favorite as it has the blue elements and everyone knows how much I love blue and white.
What do others think of this type of decorating. I am in love with the idea, but it's just not practical where I live in the dry dusty tropics and I'm just a bit lazy with the house work these days.

Note: I found all these wonderful photos on Pinterest.


  1. I agree with you :)! Beautiful shelves, but I could not imagine keeping it all clean. I always loved the look of pots hanging over an island counter, ready to grab when needed, but realized how much scrubbing I'd have to do, to keep them looking nice after each use - and very impractical when trying to work at a counter with pots hanging around my head. Loved all the pictures though that you found of these open shelf beauties!

  2. yes! beautiful as they may be, the dust factor would be a nightmare! this little house of mine is very dusty, i can dust today & it would be several millimeters thick again tomorrow! think most comes down from the ceiling, one day that will be replaced.
    thanx for sharing

  3. I agree love the look but ohhhhh.....dusting it all I don't think so I would rather be stitching :)

  4. I intend having open shelving like this is our 'one day' home. Have always loved it.

  5. I'm with you Rosie - I love the look of the open shelves but we too have far too much dust around for it to be practical. I have one shelf in the corner where I hang mugs which I use everyday and have teapots and coffee pots on top but I am always cleaning it. xx

  6. Hi Rosie - it's certainly a beautiful look... however I'm inclined to think that these pics are styled to show off products, rather than be an everyday look/setup to aspire to. Methinks it would probably be a burden to maintain, rather than a pleasure to live with.
    However, I'm not completely poo-poo-ing... there are design ideas that can be adapted for actual homes & actual people.
    It'd never work here... I take a more, shall I say, earthy laidback approach, LOL

  7. Beautiful upcycling Rosie. You are so very clever x



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