Monday, 20 March 2017

Some Bunnies were......Killed and Maimed!

Do you ever see something on Pinterest or Instagram and think......I want one? Well I do (all the time) and sometimes there are numerous things preventing you from finding it, and buying it!

I saw this lovely post in Instagram and immediately fell in love with this bunny!

Now I know that I could look around and find something similar but I WANT this one! So I decided the best thing was to make it myself.
Lucky hubby has every conceivable power tool in the shed and I borrowed his jig-saw and sander and some spare timber.

I have to tell the truth.....bunnies were killed and maimed during this process! One lost his head and one lost his back legs, and one had a bite out of his back.......poor bunnies, sad bunnies!

Dead bunny bin! Will have a proper service later.

Anyway these couple survived the jig-saw massacre with some minor non life-threatening injuries. This one has a bite out of his but!

And this one lost his head, but thanks to a tube of liquid nails.....Ta Da! All better.

Hubby just shook his head when I showed him my latest handiwork! Seems I should have used ply and not pine. Apparently that's why some of the bits broke off! Oh well! Live and learn I guess.

Now to decide whether to hang this fine rabbit or to let him run free!

I love my bunnies!

Keep Creating.


  1. Ha ha!! I can just imagine your hubby shaking his head!
    Cute bunnies...the not-dead ones, I mean. ;-)

  2. Ha Ha FuNNy post...
    Love your bunnies and so worth the effort.. xox

  3. Oh that is funny! Poor wee bunnies lol! The end result is wonderful! Love them xx

  4. I had to laugh, as I was expecting a rabbit stew recipe. There you go, never make your mind up until you have all the information to hand. I do like your wooden bunnies, very cute. As for the dearly deceased, well all good bunnies go to heaven. Thanks for sharing. Guida

  5. Perseverance really paid off :)! My hat off to you, for not giving up and coming up with such cute, cute rabbits!

  6. Oh's going to be a good day the way the endorphins are running rampant through my system! Thank you for the best early morning laugh I've had in years! I had NO idea what to expect when I read the blogpost title---thank goodness it was what it was! lol And by the IS an adorable bunny and I think I want one too. As soon as hubby gets home I'm going to ask him to fire up his jigsaw. Blessings...and Happy First Day of Spring!

  7. ha ha you've given me a good laugh Rosie! What a great job you've done, love 'em!

  8. They are adorable!! Good job. Hugs,

  9. lol funny Rosie,great post.

  10. Ha...ha... I love your bunnies too, and the poor dead ones that need a proper burial!!!

  11. Oh I'd let him run free, how cool to be able to make your own bunnies ☺

  12. Hi Rosie♥
    I've been married since end of 1993 & still have the same wooden spoon, it's not going anywhere! Mind you, I only ever use it when making Spaghetti Bolognese.



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