Monday, 1 May 2017

Cooler Days

It seems that cooler days have finally arrived and of course that turns the mind to simple wholesome food cooked long and slow, time in the garden without the burning heat of Summer and playing around with fabric.

 I couldn't go past a slowed cooked oxtail stew with garlic chive mash potato and crusty bread. Comfort food to warm the heart. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time and I always make it the day before so I can take off the fat that solidifies when cold then reheat for the next day. I guess that makes it a little more healthy!

I also made these thingies from the left over mash potato and I love them so much I always eat a couple while cooking!

The grandchildren love these chocolate muffins and it doesn't take much to whip up a bunch! Only waiting for their peanut butter frosting!

I also tried out some Pineapple and Ham muffins as they looked so yummy..........but they were missing flavour and were not as good as they looked. Will have to tweak the recipe as they are light and fluffy.

Home decor got some attention as well with some new cushions for the lounge. I wanted some texture and after a shopping spree in Spotlight I can home with these.

 Lovely to work with but I have to say that blue fabric frayed something bad and left loose bits all over the place. I was picking up bits of thread everywhere. Once sewed though it behaved itself nicely.

Spotlight only had a small amount of the Pom-pom trim so I could only do a couple of cushions, but I do love it!

I love the cooler weather! What have you been up to?


  1. My mouth is watering, I can tell you. Love oxtail stew too. You have cooked up a delicious storm Rosie. I also love those pretty cushions x

  2. Delicious food and wonderful projects. Especially love what you make from the mashed potatoes. Brings back memories of one of my mom's 'homey' recipes. We've really had fluctuating weather and our spring flowers are not sure what to do. I love cooler weather and hope spring takes it slow before the heat of the summer starts :)! Enjoy your cooler weather.

  3. Yummy everything looks so delicious. Love your new pillows :)


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