Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Home and Family.

Having found a great deal of old family photos after loved ones have passed on,  it is both sad and frustrating that you don't know what the stories behind the photos and the people in them are. So I endeavor to write the story of our photos for the following generations by way of albums and journaling. It might even help me later when even I can't remember!

It usually takes me a few weeks to put together a new album from start to finish, and sometimes the finishing takes a little longer but I always become immersed in the process of designing, measuring, cutting, gluing, and sometimes then discarding and starting again.

Beautiful paper and inspirational verses just catch the eye and make you want to create something that will give pleasure to yourself and others.

I like to make lots of pockets or bands to hold extra cards for photos or journaling.

These days with beautiful collections of corresponding papers and embellishments it's easy to put together a lovely album......it's a lot like patchwork.

I still need to stamp the backs of the tags with an assortment of pretty stamps that tie the theme together, then to start collecting the photos that will go onto the pages and to write the story.

As you can see, this album will be about home and family.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Keep Creating.